Yellen for the Win! The Sequel

Wed, SEPT 20th, 2017

Today marks the second time that Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has entered uncharted territory. The first was early on in her term winding down years of extraordinary quantitative easing (i.e., “tapering” QE) and ending ZIRP (zero interest rate policy). With today’s announcement the second major undertaking on Yellen’s watch will now commence. Below is our quick take on today’s Fed meeting, via our Twitter account. Of particular note, Yellen – in our view – as it pertains to her work and legacy as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve can proudly proclaim mission accomplished! (though, perhaps, not yet complete).

Meanwhile in show of confidence in both Yellen and her (and her team’s) policy strategy U.S. stocks are up modestly on the news, as are bond yields (read here for our take on the possible impacts of “balance sheet normalization”). Like Bernanke before her, regardless of what happens with Yellen at end of term in January 2018 we thank her for her smart and sober service, steady hand, and masterful guidance to our economy. Not only has she been outstanding as Fed chair, but her shattering of the glass ceiling for female leaders in U.S. central banking is equally as invaluable as her prodigious imprint on monetary policy. *Side note: being selected as an interviewee for that seminal American Banker article – along with Barney Frank, Alice Rivlin, and Christina Romer – is one of my proudest media moments over the years*

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