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Earned Loyalty

Other firms talk about putting clients first; few do what it takes to match Albion's 98% retention rate. We know loyalty comes from a relentless dedication to what's right for the individuals we serve. And because client satisfaction has been our mission since day one, this accomplishment is particularly gratifying.

The Test of Time

Over thirty years ago, Albion Financial Group was a pair of passionate financial advisors in a cramped, small-town basement office. What was it that enabled us to become a nationally acclaimed firm with over $900 million under management? Hard work, perseverance and a client-centered vision of what a financial firm should be: the very things making Albion a staying power for years to come.

Walking the Talk

In an industry where success is measured in product sales, doing the right thing for a client tends to turn heads. We're proud of the awards and good press we've received. We also hope it's an indication that our unique vision is having a positive impact, changing the landscape for investors nationwide.


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