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Prerequisite: The Attention Span of a Gnat

WED, NOV 14th, 2018

Top 10 Concerns for Female Investors

MON, AUG 27th, 2018

A Ten Thousand Foot View of the Current Tariff Debate

THURS, AUG 10th, 2018

Common Fee Structures for Financial Advisors

WED, JUNE 27th, 2018

Fiduciary: Not Just Financial Jargon

MON, MAY 14th, 2018
Reactions to headlines like Wells Fargo to Pay $1 Billion to Settle Lending-Abuse Claims barely register on the Richter scale. For decades firms in the financial services industry have agreed to pay large settlements to federal regulators and then simply continue with business as usual.
A recent article in The Economist entitled Regulatory Settlements Raise Questions about America’s Financial Markets focused on the multi-billion dollar settlements paid by Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank among others to direct attention to how Wall Street is rife with conflicts of interest. The Economist expressed deep concern with how settlements end up sweeping bad behavior under the rug. Misalignment of interests continues to cost consumers billions of dollars and clients rarely have any idea that their financial firm generates profits by defrauding them.

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