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Until recently, the services of Albion Financial Group have been out of reach to many investors with less than the minimum investment account value for Albion’s traditional services. Albion Wealth Builder was created to bring the same investment management services our higher net worth clients benefit from to investors with smaller portfolios. Albion Wealth Builder was created to deliver institutional investment management services to individuals. It is an investment product with a human touch.

Each Albion Wealth Builder client receives the same investment management research that traditional clients receive.

Albion Wealth Builder allows the client to establish a relationship with Albion so that as future life circumstances arise, Albion is available to help guide clients through the challenges of Wealth Advising.

  • Designed for Accounts $500,000+

    The minimum for Albion Wealth Builder is $500,000. Accounts are designed to be contributed to regularly by the client  to help build long-term financial security.


    Albion Wealth Builder investment management services are designed to assist in the wealth accumulation phase of client lives.

  • Portfolio Management

    Our portfolio managers are responsible for constructing and maintaining specific investment accounts based on a client's stated investment policy coupled with industry and economic trends. Portfolio managers determine, within stated guidelines, overall portfolio composition and specific investment selection.

  • In-House Research and Trading

    Albion staffs its own in-house independent research and trading group. Comprised of qualified and experienced financial professionals, our research team observes and analyzes important economic variables that provide direction and discipline when choosing investments. From broad sweeping macro trends to corporate financial statements, Albion research provides insight into the complex global markets fostering sound investment choices.
    Our trading team is responsible for the implementation of our investment strategy. By keeping our trading in house and utilizing top tier systems and software, we are able to move quickly and decisively with minimal impact on the underlying positions in which we invest.

  • Client Communication

    Communication is typically about account and position developments with an emphasis on investment management education.

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